For the love of the game...

Would you believe it, it is Friday, three entire days since I ran in the 5 fingers and my calves are STILL sore! Yowza! Those babies are NO joke.

Moving right along.

I recently was given the opportunity to go to Fenway Park, sit in the EMC suite with the Red Sox World Series trophies, gold gloves, Cy Young awards and silver sluggers and take in a baseball game. Two tickets were given to Matt as a thank you for working with two young children, developmentally training them within their fitness levels. I’ll tell you, these tickets, as a thank you, wow, above and BEYOND. How nice and wonderfully giving are these parents!? Very. Thank you again. We had a blast.

Now, I was born and grew up in New Jersey. I popped out and was probably given a Yankee binkie (pacifier is the official name right?) dressed in a Bronx Bomber onesie and adorned in a Babe Ruth blankie. However, from a very young age I was also taught a valuable lesson from my dad, “Respect baseball: respect the players, respect the teams, and respect the game.” The game wouldn’t be so thrilling if not for the competition and passion, and who engages in vigorous rivalry more than the NY Yankees and the Boston Red Sox? No one. Not even the Yanks and the Mets and they both play in New York.

In case you need a refresher, or are just unaware of the monstrosity that is Boston vs. NY here are some iconic images to make you cry or shout out victoriously or indifferently scroll to the bottom of the post:

2003 Game 3 ALCS

In July of 2004

2004 Game 6 ALCS aka "The Bloody Sock Game"

Anyone ever notice how a version of “Yankees Suck” is ALWAYS chanted at concerts, non-baseball sporting events or well really any large gathering or rally of people in New England? Dumb. This is not respecting baseball people. Fred (that's mah dad) would be rather unimpressed. I am equally disturbed. Nothing about these pictures show any player “sucking” … well ha, maybe that first one ;)

I may not have posed with the Red Sox trophies or gotten googley eyed over Pedro’s Cy Young award but I knew and KNOW I was in the presence of greatness. I mean the Red Sox averted a Yankee sweep in 2004 and then went on to blow out the St. Louis Cardinals to win the World Series. So, if you look at these games in terms of BASEBALL, it’s chilling. I still feel weird when I think of the Yankee/Sox series, must be the Yankee fan in me, but we witnessed greatness everyone. “19-18” can no longer be echoed from Yankee stadium when the Sox are in town, the curse was broken, heroes were made, legends were born and just days ago I was taking a picture of Matt with the 2004 World Series trophy. It stings a little, but just a little...you have to hand it to the blood, sweat and tears of those Red Sox players of 2004. You just have to. If you respect the game.

“Remember kid, heroes get remember but legends never die.” I had to.
Points if you can name the movie!
Happy Fridee!


sweet tunes

Lollapalooza, an event I look forward to every year is coming up, well it's in August. Now I won't go wishing away my summer anxiously awaiting this magical Chicago weekend, but I will research the artists that will be there and make radical cds to jam out to!

What I have really been feeling so far:

Neon Hitch: Black and Blues

The Temper Trap: Sweet Dispostion

Madonna: (won't be at lolla) Listening to anything/everything, thank you GLEE circa 4/20

Jamie Lidell: Little bit of feel good AND All I wanna do

Frightened Rabbit: Old Old Fashioned



How do you unwind?

It's 5:00. If you work for corporate America, you are out of work for the day or will be shortly. What are you going to do with this freeeeeedom!?

Most days I am off to the gym: body pump, a solid strength and conditioning work out with my favorite Canadian, Mari Fisher OR perhaps a run outside with MFish and Amanda (roomie!). NOTHING allows me to unwind quite like a run outside, the feeling as my feet hit the pavement, listening to my breath and people watching or maybe I'm just in the zone and noticing no one, thats cool too. I don't run for a time, I run for me. Ahhhh sweet relief. If I am letting my body rest I am cooking, baking, or reading....and there's some definite TV action in there too...OH and a glass of vino. Who can resist the powers of the DVR and a glass of red wine? Not me. Above all else, these little hobbies of mine (well maybe not TV watching) center and balance me after staring at a computer screen all day. You chop and dice, measure and mix, bake and sautee and that creates something magically delicious (lucky charms much?) for you and others to enjoy. There is also something about engaging in a story: fiction, non-fiction, comedic, thought provoking that centers my mind yet let it escapes too. You feel me? At the moment I am reading Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay and it.is.all.I.can.think.about. FOCUS Corinne, focus. It is not 1942 and you are not a little girl in France ... or am I? :)

Last night I had a killer body pump workout and then ran 2 miles in my NEW vibram 5 fingers . First time running in these and I think it was very apparent. Holy calves burning. It took me a while to jump on this but after reading Born to Run meeting and running with Christopher McDougall himself two weekends ago in Boston, and lots of positive feedback from my boyfriend Matt I was ready to dive in. It struck me while I was running in these quirky looking shoes that I was 100% feeling my feet, not in a bad way, merely noticing every movement my body made and every foot placement. Because when you run in vibrams, if you make a wrong move, you feel it. AND that's the point! My feet were just going...I didn't feel like I was forcing it! WOW. For all you wonderers and skeptics: It was incredible. They may look funny, but I'm hooked. A shoe that can bring out my inner 7 yr old (the one that ran barefoot), a shoe that makes me FEEL my feet but is uber comfortable, a shoe that makes running feel effortless...um, yeah I'll take it.

Tonight I am headed out for a few celebratory cocktails to Ri Ra’s as it is one of my friend’s birthdays! Lindsay will be “the age to not be named” on Friday. More on this type of unwinding later ;)

I will leave you with this:

The key question to keep asking is, Are you spending your time on the right things? Because time is all you have. " -Randy Pausch - The Last Lecture



i have a wicked case of the mondays (fleeting thoughts include but are not limited to: motivation where are you!?, headache go away, gosh i'm tired...). BUT. ahoy! i am noticing a few things: the sun is a shining, life is greener (thank you spring!), solid pics are on my camera and ready to be uploaded from the weekend, cheffing dinner is in the near future, started a blog today, 24!(wwjbd- what will jack bauer do), g shopping is a necessity (this is a good thing in my eyes) and my eyes are open to experience apres work in all its glory. i will be grateful for this day