For the love of the game...

Would you believe it, it is Friday, three entire days since I ran in the 5 fingers and my calves are STILL sore! Yowza! Those babies are NO joke.

Moving right along.

I recently was given the opportunity to go to Fenway Park, sit in the EMC suite with the Red Sox World Series trophies, gold gloves, Cy Young awards and silver sluggers and take in a baseball game. Two tickets were given to Matt as a thank you for working with two young children, developmentally training them within their fitness levels. I’ll tell you, these tickets, as a thank you, wow, above and BEYOND. How nice and wonderfully giving are these parents!? Very. Thank you again. We had a blast.

Now, I was born and grew up in New Jersey. I popped out and was probably given a Yankee binkie (pacifier is the official name right?) dressed in a Bronx Bomber onesie and adorned in a Babe Ruth blankie. However, from a very young age I was also taught a valuable lesson from my dad, “Respect baseball: respect the players, respect the teams, and respect the game.” The game wouldn’t be so thrilling if not for the competition and passion, and who engages in vigorous rivalry more than the NY Yankees and the Boston Red Sox? No one. Not even the Yanks and the Mets and they both play in New York.

In case you need a refresher, or are just unaware of the monstrosity that is Boston vs. NY here are some iconic images to make you cry or shout out victoriously or indifferently scroll to the bottom of the post:

2003 Game 3 ALCS

In July of 2004

2004 Game 6 ALCS aka "The Bloody Sock Game"

Anyone ever notice how a version of “Yankees Suck” is ALWAYS chanted at concerts, non-baseball sporting events or well really any large gathering or rally of people in New England? Dumb. This is not respecting baseball people. Fred (that's mah dad) would be rather unimpressed. I am equally disturbed. Nothing about these pictures show any player “sucking” … well ha, maybe that first one ;)

I may not have posed with the Red Sox trophies or gotten googley eyed over Pedro’s Cy Young award but I knew and KNOW I was in the presence of greatness. I mean the Red Sox averted a Yankee sweep in 2004 and then went on to blow out the St. Louis Cardinals to win the World Series. So, if you look at these games in terms of BASEBALL, it’s chilling. I still feel weird when I think of the Yankee/Sox series, must be the Yankee fan in me, but we witnessed greatness everyone. “19-18” can no longer be echoed from Yankee stadium when the Sox are in town, the curse was broken, heroes were made, legends were born and just days ago I was taking a picture of Matt with the 2004 World Series trophy. It stings a little, but just a little...you have to hand it to the blood, sweat and tears of those Red Sox players of 2004. You just have to. If you respect the game.

“Remember kid, heroes get remember but legends never die.” I had to.
Points if you can name the movie!
Happy Fridee!


  1. heroes get rememberED but legends never die?! Ohh only your most favorite movie ever. (I think.) i won't spoil it for the rest of 'em.

  2. gaaahhh error. you got it! "you're killin me smalls!"