Nature. Goulet!

I have lived in the state of New Hampshire for 8 years and not once hiked to the top of a mountain. I love the outdoors, who isn’t a fan of nature (goulet!)? But somehow, it just slipped through the cracks. Time to take advantage of my pristine geographical location! Destination Mount Major in Alton, NH.

Can’t lie, won’t lie, over a carbo-loaded dinner of Emeril’s Pasta Primavera and a decent quantity of red wine, Mari, Amanda, Matt and I decided we needed fanny-packs and bandanas (duh!). So we did what anyone would do when placed with a sudden need for these two items, we hit up Wal-Mart. Much to my dismay (others in the group might have been silently thrilled), Wal-Mart doesn’t sell fashionable fanny-packs! Balderdash. PS. I know what you are thinking and they do exist. Not to worry though, my companions each found a stellar alternative. If Wally World sold a Reese’s version of this I would have been ALL over that, but I don’t rock out to starburst, so I passed.

We were advised to take the trail to the left when beginning our trek to the top of Mt. Major. Following the blue arrows was not difficult, as the path was clearly marked, but the route isn’t named Boulder trail for nothing! Here is an accurate representation. I didn’t take many of the foreboding terrain ahead, probably because I was busy catching my breath and figuring out my next move.

And we're climbing...

And we're singing and we're climbing...

At the top! Peanut butter jelly time!

What a view

I look quite frightened here don't I? aah!

Many others had the same idea on this beautiful first of May

After refueling and taking in the magnificent scenery for a good 45 minutes we began our descent via the yellow trail (Mt. Major trail). This path proved to be less rocky, but parts were still steep. There was a babbling brook...

a new friend...

and a personal tour guide...

Mt. Major: invigorating. glorious. rewarding. dominated.


  1. Sounds amazing - wish I was along for the voyage!

  2. what a great meal to fuel up. Your face in that "frightened" pic cracks me up! awesome wally world purchases. I'm coming on the next hike

  3. i think i need that bag :)

  4. Erin, its pretty perfect for you....get into it!