I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

Many females enjoy retail shopping. Many anxiously look forward to the change of seasons for the new fashion trends to be released by important designers. Many believe in and participate in retail therapy and get excited about new shoes, purses and jeans. There is nothing wrong with this. I'm different. I detest the mall and do not like shopping unless I need a particular item and spending money on clothes fills me with regret. However, I do look forward to seeing the grocery store stocked with seasonal fruits and veggies. Yes, that is right, I heart grocery shopping. I get giddy over spring asparagus, summer corn, new Kashi cereals and deals like the one I encountered today at Shaw’s. Buy ONE Edy’s ice cream get the second one FREE!

With summer right around the corner, the topic of ice cream could not be more imperative! Remember the ice cream man!? YUM. Did anyone ever play piddle paddle growing up with their leftover Popsicle sticks? I bet you did if your cool Speedo or swim trunks had a beach badge attached to it. What was your go-to from the white truck of desire? Screwball? Bomb Pop? Chaco Taco? Did you ever wonder how one got to BE an ice cream man? I definitely did. I think that was up there with my childhood dreams of being Vanna White and/or Yolanda Vega.

If you grew up in the tri-state area, did you ever have a Carvel ice cream cake for your birthday? Andy Bernard from The Office might have said it best: "Me likey the ice cream cake, okay? Fudgy the Whale."

I’m more mature now (yape) and instead of listening intently for the joyful tunes alerting me to the ice cream man’s approach, I seek and destroy my local grocer’s freezer. Vanilla, strawberry, coffee, oreo, moose tracks, tagalong (special edition during Girl Scout season), caramel swirl…the list goes on. I don’t hate on the non-dairy or lighter items either, black raspberry frozen yogurt, orange sherbet, melon sorbet and skinny cow and weight watcher ice cream bars are in my heart too. Even, and trust me here, frozen cool whip with berries. Boo YAH!

Recently, for the first time in my twenty-six years of life, I enjoyed a banana split. Bananas? Good! Nuts? Good. Hot fudge? Good. Cherries? Good! Whipped cream? Good. Ice cream? GOOOD! Now that’s living.

Frozen item to try summer 2010: Gelatto!

No matter how you get down with your frozen treats this summer (the possibilities are endless), I think it is important to get down. Be a rebel- splurge for the real stuff. Be a kid again- run after the ice cream man. Make a wish- over an ice cream cake. Get creative- buy the fixins’ and fancy up a cone at home. Indulge once in a while; you only live once and frozen treats melt fast.

Sweet dreams!!


  1. hold up. you never had gelato?! i so wanted to have my own ice cream truck as a kid too.

  2. Hi!!! So get this... my moms best friends husband was an ice cream man when I was like 10-13. Now that I think about it, its kinda strange and creepy, but at the time it was awesome! He would always come by to my sleepover parties and whenever I would go to their house, I would get to go to their freezers and pick out whatever ice cream I wanted. It was amazing!!! I liked the cookie sandwiches and the creamsicles the best.... mmmmm

  3. GET OUT!? Lizzy, that is the best thing I have heard all day! Cookie sandwich sleepover parties! Gaaaah, I'm JEALOUS!

  4. I am totally in love with grocery shopping too. I usually go a few times of week and look forward to it like you wouldn't believe.

  5. I LOVE ice cream cake. I haven't had one in ages though.