Summah summah summmah time

It's Memorial day weekend eve and I cannot stop thinking and dreaming of things I want to do and try this summer season. All of a sudden there is more time, sunlight and opportunity to do activities. Summer gives me wings (sans the red bull and sugar)!

So far my summer to do list includes but is not limited to:

-go kayaking (never been!)
-go on a Portsmouth Harbor cruise, mayyyybe even the Wine cruise :)
-teach myself (again) how to do a back dive
-take a Bikram yoga class
-visit Nashoba Valley winery
-picnic at Castle Island in Boston
-hike Mt. Monadnock
-surf lesson!
-play at Six Flags or some other theme park
-make homemade gnocchi
-visit the New England aquarium
-run a 5k, 10k (haven't run a race since my half marathon)
-run ON the beach

What is on your summer to do list?
Want to join me in any of these fun activities!?


  1. this list is great. Seeing as the NE Aquarium and I are neighbors, I'll offer to take you! You know Kayaking and Castle Island will forever be on my list! I'm now adding portsmouth BOOZE cruise. EXCITED.

  2. I live 5 minutes from Castle Island, and I am always up for a winery visit, so let me know your plans!I would LOVE to meet you!