Out with the bad, in with the good

For some reason whenever I do yoga, I always think of a silly quote from Dumb and Dumber: "...out with the bad, in with the good, out with the bad, in with the good..." hehe

Ya know concentrating on your breath...exhale, inhale, aka out with the bad, in with the good!

Tonight I caved and bought yoga for runners off YogaDownload. It was 4 bucks and I have unlimited use until July 13th! My tight, sore muscles and hips were relieved, however, the woman's voice was very robotic. Trying to balance in half moon was just a tad difficult with Jane Jetson narrating the flow!


Don't know about you but after yoga, I always feel pretty cleansed and do not like putting anything unhealthy into my body. Dinner was whole wheat/whole grain Hodgson Mill pasta over a few handfuls of spinach, with steamed broccoli, cherry tomatoes and a little Buitoni pesto with basil. Apologies for blanking on taking a photo but take my word, it was very pretty and very satisfying. The camera just would not have done it justice. wink wink. Lately, I have been eating pasta over a bed of raw spinach and the warm pasta is a nice contrast to the crisp greens. New go to!

Flash Forward is all new tonight! It is turning out to be quite another Lost ie. confusing twist after confusing twist. At least there isn't a white polar bear. But the show is very thought provoking! Would you want to KNOW what is going to happen on a certain day a few weeks, months or years in your future? GAH! I just don't know! I feel as though knowing this information would make anyone live for the future and not for today. Each character's actions is either to prohibit or allow their flash forward to become true.

Too much pressure.

They should do yoga and relax.

Good night!


  1. I love the idea of doing a yoga podcast, but I don't know the postures well enough to follow one! I either need an in person class or a DVD/ onDemand to be able to follow!

  2. I got a new yoga mat yesterday! I need to download some yoga moves to learn now!

  3. Flash Forward is the exact opposite of your motto! Interesting premise though, but I am secretly glad I don't watch (LOST is enough head spinning thank-you-very-much)

  4. Girl, I think you just single-handedly convinced me to go to a yoga class tomorrrow at the Y!! Ok, Ok, I've been thinking of going for awhile now but the couch just gets way too comfortable ;-) But after reading your post and how you feel so healthy afterwards... I'm game! Thanks Dear!

  5. Beth- yogadownload actually supplies a pose by pose guide (via pdf) for whichever session you download! It isn't quite the same as watching an instructor but the voiceover combined w/ the pose guide is helpful!

    Ali- Nice purchase! Enjoy your yoga!

    Miss Daisy- I know, damn, ha. I get so mad at the characters when I watch!

    Jen- Thanks for reading and responding (abs. love your blog too) Seriously, I would love to say I practice yoga often, the feeling I get during and after is unlike any other. It is hard to make it to a class but that is why I am enjoying yogadownload so much. Free for 20 mins...it is a GREAT way to begin :)

  6. I love "Lost." And despite really wanting to like "Flash Forward" Eh. The ending of the very first episode was spot-on as far as invoking chills and the omg, I can't wait for next weeks ep. feeling, but then, it fell flat. I think it's the over-acting and silly dialogue. LOL.

    I know a lot of people really like it. I'm glad you're finding enjoyment in it.

    Yoga is excellent for trainers! I used to do yoga, but now I live and breathe, or better still, I breathe and savor Pilates. =)

    No matter what's going on in my life, or in the world, after an intense Pilates session, I always feel like everything is going to be okay. And I, too, don't like putting anything unhealthy in my body after swan or one-hundreds.

    P.S. A persons voice is really important when you're trying to focus on a workout. It's like make-or-break. =)

  7. Ree, concerning FF I could not agree with you more. At the end of last season I was very much contemplating my relationship with the show. ha. let me tell you though, this season really really went above and beyond! I think you should consider reconsidering

  8. Now it's too late. =( Shows aren't even given the chance to build an audience and develop their story before they get cancelled. That sucks! I hope you didn't get too invested in it?

    This is why people wait to watch things online and DVR, or go to cable shows like "Mad Men" and my absolute fave "Breaking Bad."

    PETER GRIFFIN!!! I've decided I'm going to start screaming that out instead of the 'f' word. LOL. =)p

  9. u joke!! did flash forward really get cancelled!?!?!?! i thought i heard rumors! goooooooogling now! HAHAHA PETER GRIFFIN. i love it.

  10. I know. It's true. I was hoping you had already heard. I would never joke with you that way. I promise. =)

    I saw the end of "Heroes" coming. It was like they weren't even trying anymore.

    I can't believe they kept "V" over "Flash Forward." What's up with that?! ;-/