Sexy burger

This past Saturday, through the rain and wind my friends over at Sexy Burger put together a delicious event called Halfway to Halloween to promote sexy burgers, sexy costumes and overall sexiness. The theme is original: Halloween in May. Wear that revealing costume with high heels on a warm spring day sans the sweatshirt or rain boots you would need in late October. Mother Nature greeted us with a little dose of irony as she decided it wouldn’t be a warm spring day as it has been the last few Saturday’s but instead the chill and precipitation would be similar to that of a late fall day, perhaps reminiscent of past Halloweens. Halloween in May, I guess Mother Nature did play along afterall.

So, what is Sexy Burger you ask?

Every weekend, six friends, the sexy burger six, get together to make a titillating burger and then blog about the arousing experience. They are more than just bloggers, they are professional grill masters of seduction. The sexy burger six think outside the box with their creations. To name a few favorites: drum roll please: the Uncle Jesse Burger (ground lamb, feta cheese, pita bread, cucumbers, onions and tomatoes), The King (named after Elvis incorporating peanut butter, bacon, sliced bananas and fried dough), the Mafioso special (garlic bread bun, Italian raviolis, sliced parmesan cheese, marinara sauce, and full flavored meatballs), the Peter Brady (marinated pork patty, apple smoked cheddar, homemade applesauce, potato bread buns), South of the Border (taco seasoned beef patty, burger buns/tortillas, sour cream/salsa/guacamole, shredded Mexican cheese) and the Luau Burger (ground pork, smoked cheddar cheese, teriyaki sauce, cooked pineapples and maraschino cherries)! This past Saturday the crew offered a choice of one of the last four risque creations named for an affordable price. Pay up, dress up, show up, eat up.

Matt and I went as Ketchup and Mustard.

We were not the only burger themed attendees. There’s the Revolutionary Man and the Kid, two of the sexy burger six. The Hamburgler made an appearance too, however, I was too busy making sure that little villian didn't run off with my burger to document ;)

I dominated the South of the Border burger as Matt was seduced by the Mafioso special.

These were two sensuous, spicy, salacious, saucy, sexy creations. I immediately started salsa dancing as Matt began whispering sweet nothings in Italian into my ear. Together we looked like one strange couple, apart we were merely provoked by the maestros. When food is that provocative, the only response is interpretive dance or Italian discourse.

I do believe the nightman, X Mark, is somewhat responsible. X Marked the spot.

The night ended with the most luscious of desserts. No one could resist the sweet sugar intoxication or aesthetic pleasure of this cake.

There wasn't a sorry soul in the house. Senses were awoken, animalistic cravings were satisfied and physical appetites were exceeded.

See you next burger....



  1. is there really a burger under all that salsa and guacamole? haha. Matt would get ketchup and mustard outfits. you guys look great. All the burgers sound amazing. I want to try the Sexy Greek Burger aka The Uncle Jesse!!

  2. haha, y'all look great in your costumes!

  3. I love the ketchup and mustard costumes, but that cake looks UNREAL! yum!

  4. Great costumes! Thanks for finally breaking out and commenting on my blog. Love hearing readers' thoughts!

  5. So what I am to gather is that:

    1.) Your parties are awesome.
    2.) Should I ever be invited to one, I'd bring cake. Lots of it! =)