Saturday and Sunday turned out to be quite a staycation. Exploring the farmers market, tastes of BNG, Flatbread, and Cava, perusing shops downtown, touring Strawberry Banke and Attrezzi wine tasting made this weekend the bees knees. The camera played main, supporting and non-existent roles.

After a heavy duty sleep in which I only have myself and the martini's consumed to thank, I wandered over to the Portsmouth Farmer's Market, late. So late, in fact that just about everything was gone. I did manage to sample some zesty salsa from Appledore Cove exclusively sold at and made for the Farmer's Market. A single waft of fresh peppers, tomatoes, onions, cilantro and lime juice and six dollars came out of my pocket faster than one can remember their own age. Also purchased, the last bag of spinach and arugula. Score. I do believe that this past weekend's market hosted the theme of "start your garden days." Organic seeds and compost was for sale and transplanting demos and "ask the farmer" booths were abundant! Next time I will make it there before the samples have vanished and the merchandise sold.

Next up, Footnotes. My eyes, heart, mind and feet were all connected the minute I laid eyes on Mari's hot Frye sandals the night before. I had to check out the goods myself. The lady at Footnotes helped my sanity, bank account and feet as she located a pair of Frye sandals on clearance (blog appearance to come). Lucky day, lucky lucky day.

Like I said the camera wasn't always around. That is what a late night will do to a girl.

Later that afternoon Matt and I headed downtown for coffee. Coffee turned into a stroll to Prescott Park. Little did I know Matt was ready to channel his inner tour guide as he took me through the historical roads of Strawberry Banke. Don't quit your day job boy.

Flatbread, that brick oven dynasty of natural pizza, was in the cards for Mari's last dinner in Portsmouth, NH. I managed to snap dos photos before the camera died on me. I'm a rookie.

Sunday's trip to Cava for Kelly's birthday and Attrezzi wine tasting raised the roof. It was on fire.

I have heard mixed messages about Cava, small space and overpriced but delicious wine and tapas delivered with excellent service. To a T what we experienced. Since it was a beautiful day, we sat outside, embedded in Commercial Alley. Just gorg.

All in attendance ordered a version of Cava's Sangria. Red for me, please.

I refrained from ordering any tapas but did sample the chickpea "fries" which were served with a cucumber sauce, harissa and a mint garnish. The girls ordered the serrano ham, dijon, pear on a mini baguette. As served, one (aka Amanda) could think this was a single serving, but no, 1 portion per person. Good thing we figured that out prior to the mini baguette monster devouring the tastiest of tapas.

Overall I would recommend Cava, but with an asterisk. *Do not go hungry. *Do not go for dinner if your dining companion is a "more than an appetizer to satisfy" type individual.

Onward, Attrezzi wine tasting!

Every Friday evening and Saturday and Sunday afternoon, Attrezzi hosts informal but complementary wine tastings. We sampled three wines: a crisp white, a bold Syrah and a sparkling red. The last wine, Petali di rose was superb and purchased. The cold, light and fruity taste of Cava's sangria still hung on my lips and this Piemonte Brachetto from Italy was an afternoon delight. Slightly fizzy and reminiscent of fresh picked berries with just a hint of sweetness on the finish, this wine will pair well with dessert or a fresh light summer meal.

Saving you for a special occasion!


  1. I'd love to hit up Cava! I never even knew it existed. Sounds like the perfect Portsmouth day and evening.

  2. Yes, TOTALLY your type of place. Next time you are up :)

  3. I'll have to try Atrezzi sometime. Did you hear about the Wine Festival next month in Lee? http://bit.ly/ci6mpW

  4. its all sold out! damn! thanks for the info though! you going??