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I have quite a few favorite blogs. I can’t help it, there are so many influentional people writing on the world wide web. Blogging is new (to me) and exciting. Carrots n’ Cake, Eat Live Run, Healthy Tipping Point, Operation Beautiful, Iowa Girl Eats, Beth’s Journey to Thin and The Process of Healing, your words are inspiring, motivating, humorous, personable, creative and entertaining. Before I know it substantial time has passed and I have to refill my water, use the bathroom, eat, sleep, ya know... get on with my day...*smiles*

This addiction is healthy though I promise. Don’t believe me? You will be the end of this post. It was through blogs I learned how to cut a mango, make homemade gnocchi and poach an egg. The existence and nutritional value of chia seeds, wheatgrass, flax seeds, and whey protein were foreign to me a year ago. I have been introduced to Green Monsters, overnight oats and through Yoga Pose May, the power of yoga has been restored.

My newest fascination and appreciation: Oh She Glows. I know, I know I am late to the party and no one approves of tardiness. I have been blending Angela’s lovely Green Monsters for a while now but did not know there was a girl behind the smoothie invasion. I read Caitlin’s Project Glow results and started to notice more and more Glo bars pop up here and there. I even recognized the name, Angela, but still, I didn't make the connection. I did start to wonder though...what is with all this glowing!? Finally, I clicked on a link.

Confession: I am easily excited and influenced. If you write about it, I will probably try it. Sort of silly, everyone has their own opinion and taste buds! Just because one person raves about the drink Synergy doesn't mean I can stomach raw kombucha, but I'll try anything once. Words are so powerful, no? Seeing captions like “flavor” and “health” attached to a photo get me every time: marketing at its finest. Fortunately, I have had luck with many blogger reviews and recommendations: Chia seeds? EPIC win. The tiny seeds are full of anti-oxidants and packed with hunger fighting bullies. However, fennel failed, tastes like licorice.

I digress. Back to glowing.

I am on day three of Project Glow and it is working. I have never had overly oily, dry or blotchy skin, but I do get dry patches and so my interest in quality skin care products has been on the rise. Sorry CVS brand foam cleanser you are outta here, St. Ives Apricot scrub, in!

The Green Monster, nothing to do with the Sox here folks, is an invigorating blend of spinach, protein powder, milk (cows, almond or soy), ice, frozen fruit, peanut butter, chia seeds, oatmeal…. the ingredients are up to you as long as spinach is present. Never thought in a million years a drink like this would enter my system, but as previously mentioned, easily influenced. One sip and I'm hooked on the green stuff.

Beyond the skin care and smoothies lies an astonishingly open and encouraging blog. In many posts, Angela’s words reign similar to the Operation Beautiful theme of learning to love yourself, your body. Girls helping girls, its very refreshing.

The blogging community is a great support system. Not only are these gals entertaining, taking pictures of food is art, they are inspirational. So many women have broadcast their stories on the web. These journals of weight loss, marathon training, moves, break ups, deaths and marriages act as a creative outlet for one and a stimulus for another. Girls can be malicious, jealous, conniving little things. We have all hurt or been hurt by another girl. The blogging community appears to be a healthy venue where women of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds can openly express themselves without fear of ridicule or judgment; a place for growth and respect. I do not know of another community that exists quite like this one. Not in New Hampshire, not in Mass., or NJ; not High School nor college. Not even in the workplace.

I am not saying blogs will begin the women’s world peace tour because I know for a fact that there are readers who leave mean spirited comments. Girls will be girls I guess. However, I do smell the savory sweet aroma of acceptance brewing….or is that encouragement? I don’t know I always get those two smells confused.

Overall, the female blogging world is powerful, uplifting and worthy of respect. It might lead to some serious procrastination, but so does everything Internet based. Looking for inspiration to run a 5k, support to change careers, strength to face another day? Click on the links provided above, poke around, take off your shoes and stay a while. By the time your Internet session has expired, I bet you will find someone/something that speaks to you, or at least a recipe to make this weekend.


  1. I appreciate the shout out so much! I'm relatively new to blogging (only a few months) but I have found it to be such a community! There are so many awesome gals (and guys!) who have stories to tell and teach me about so much that I never even knew existed - take chia seeds and goji berries for example! It's awesome for me to have a venue to do all my culinary experiments and share my weight loss journey and get support along the way.

  2. Such nice shout outs. very true words indeed about the blogging community. Though I still wish the Fennel worked out for you!

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  4. This post talks about how insighful other posts' are, but also succeeds at being really insighful also. I learned about blogs I've not heard of before. Also, this is really thoughtful of you. Great post, Corinne! Thanks for the info and links.

  5. I agree with you - I am a fan of all the blogs you listed :)