Portsmouth, NH

While running downtown this evening I was smiling. Smiling while running you ask? Yes, check out where I live!

*sigh* I love Portsmouth.

**Note** these pictures were not from this evening, but they were taken by moi.

I graduated from UNH in May 2006 and thought to myself, BOOO YAH JERSEY HERE I COME! I went, but just for a few months. Visiting friends in Boston and Portsmouth that summer made me realize I was not done living in New England. Oh no, far from it, my life as a northern belle was just beginning. So in August of 2006, I found a job, an apartment and rented a UHaul (all with help of course).

I remember talking to my parents before the big decision and their wise words will always stick with me: "The things we regret most in life are the things we don't do." Thanks mom & dad

So here I am, a Portsmouth NH resident for just about 4 years.

Loving summer evenings down by the decks ...

afternoons by the water...

snowy winter christmas parades...

and the ever growing population of five star (in my opinion) restaurants.

I won't live here forever, but I live here now so don't mind me as I jog around downtown with a smile, take pictures of cute kids on the beach, snapshots of my delightful entrees and drinks and people watch while sipping on breaking new grounds iced coconut coffee all as I soak in the beloved Portsmouth, NH.
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  1. Thanks for swinging by my blog! Now you've got me wanting to move to Portsmouth, heh. Looks gorgeous! :)

  2. Portsmouth, NH = Perfection