Dancing toothbrushes tomorrow

To my lovely blog,

I'm back and despite what it looks like, I am not neglecting you, my sweet, unconditionally loving bloggie poo. In fact you would be proud of me! I am (trying to get through) breathing and savoring the hazy days that follow a rockin' and rollin' jam fest in Grant Park. My days of gaga screams, pina coladas, cheese sticks and paint are over, tear, and re-entering a world filled with big girl responsibilities is draining and I just need your support. We will play tomorrow. I promise there will be colorful pictures, tasty treats, and maybe even a dancing toothbrush or if you are really lucky, a magical light saber.

Yours truly,


this isn't my picture


  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to pictures and stories!

  2. Cute letter. I can't wait to hear the stories. The paint looks fun! My day is going much better. Thank you for the text <3

  3. I kept your blog company while you were gone. ;-)