Light stick escalation

Lollapalooza's beauty runs deep. Festival goers have the ability to cater the three days to their needs and wants to create an indelible experience. If the headliner holds a special place in your heart and iPod and you want to camp out at this stage all day to ensure a front row spot you can do that. If you want to work your way to the front of the crowd for each band you see and be in the middle of it all, you definitely could and should. If the massive sea of people becomes overwhelming and/or relaxing on a blanket listening to music is more your style; guess what, the trees and grass of Grant Park accommodate. Lolla even has a lounging area set up called "Hammock Heaven."

Saturday's experience was in tune with relaxation.

I'm not sure if the artists (Stars, Warpaint, Dawes, Deer Tick, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros) we saw attributed to the leisurely atmosphere or if the miles walked on Thursday and Friday caught up to my body. Regardless, we all eased into Saturday. Matt and I started the day with a visit to the general store and art market located inside the park. Yes, Lollapalooza had its own convenient corner store in case you forgot or wanted hand sanitizer, gum, aspirin or sunscreen and its own slew of booths for those who wanted to purchase local merchandise: hats, jewelry, purses, bags, dresses, wallets, etc.

If the DJ tent ate your sunglasses, it was okay because Lollapalooza had you covered.

Aside from the stellar lineup of musicians, Lollapalooza offered a creative mix of food at its two chow town locations (30 choices total to be exact). Lollapalooza's 2010 culinary director, Graham Elliot Bowles, is a Top Chef regular, named the best new chef by Food and Wine magazine in 2004 and at 27, was the youngest four-star chef to be named in any US city. Impressive right? So was the cuisine. Falafel pitas, "beer fed" BBQ pulled pork sandwiches and grilled cheese pretzels from Goose Island Brewpub; lobster corn dogs from Graham Elliot; rockit truffle fries and bourbon BBQ pulled pork sandwich from Rockit Bar and Grill; Tallgrass grassfed brisket burrito, grilled vegetable burrito and spicy baja chicken burrito from Burrito Beach; fish tacos, homemade sweet potato chips, honey barbecue chicken tenders from BJ's Market & Bakery; fried dough and pesto, spicy shrimp and pork belly baked potato from Elate at the Hotel Felix. Yeah, we dined. Red Velvet, salted caramel and black and white cupcakes were available from More; hot fudge brownie sundaes from Windsor Ice Cream Shoppe and pina colada, black raspberry and mango orange banana smoothies from Maui Wowi tantalized sweet teeth.

As if that wasn't enough to sink your teeth into, Lollapalooza's support of the Chicago area's sustainable food movement was made evident with the new Green Street Farmers Market. Organic, fair-trade coffee and espresso drinks; berry smoothies made from local berries and locally produced cider; frozen kefir; fresh fruit, noodle dishes, cheese and bread from local farmers and artisanal producers!

Don't hate, but those are all my food pictures. I know, I know, bad blogger....but, it was difficult. Many, if not all meals were consumed in under 5 minutes due to an urgency to see the next brilliant artist. But I assure you everything was as good as it sounds/looks, especially the handmade sweet potato chips and truffle fries above.

Pina colada smoothies with secret ingredients were on tap Saturday, so was the vino. Oh, did I fail to mention that Lollapalooza sold wine in a sport bottle with mini plastic cups? My bad. Bud light, Budweiser, Bud light lime were also available.

Around 7:30, the crew was done recharging, Perry's DJ stage was bumpin', wine was flowing and life escalated real fast.

I told you there might be a magical light stick!


  1. what a bunch of dirty hippies. go breath in some fresh air will ya.

    You better not have inhaled. Otherwise I'm telling Joy on you.

  2. Ahahaha... it looks like you had so much fun!

    And you can't ever go wrong with food from Goose Island or Rockit! Woo hoo!

  3. woah! i need a tiger tail! how cool is that? thanks for showing me. last night my trainer rolled a ball up and down all around my leg and then showed me how to use a foam roller. it helped so much!

  4. Sooo fun!! And there definitely seemed to be a lot of GOOD eats (even without the pics!) I love how you were knighted with the magical light saber hehehe

  5. That is so cool that they were supporting local and sustainable food! Not something you see everyday at an outdoor music festival...