Love that dirty water...

Down by the banks of the river Charles river, aw that's what's happening baby...

The Charles river water, known as "that dirty water" by Bostonians, dropkick murphy and standalls fans alike, is home to charles river canoe and kayak

One hour. One boat. 19$. Sold to the couple looking for a sunburn.

Before our adventure began we were handed the mandatory paperwork and a multiple choice quiz. Good thing I brought my kayak condenseur of a bf, because we passed the test with flying colors. Safety is our middle name. Water sports, our game.

There was a fleeting moment during our paddle upstream that I thought I was Rachael and Matt, Ross. Ya know, the show Friends. Matt yelled for me to row "left, left, left" to steer us away from danger, errr the riverbank. I tried with all my might to avoid a crash (thankfully we did) and not laugh thinking of Ross's iconic commands to, "pivot, pivot, pivot!"

I digress...

We saw many (even a bachelorette party, vail and all) floating and sun-tanning, while others were in tune with their Ipods and speed (going fast, not the drug). Kayaking was everything I thought it would be and much more. Whether kayaking for a great upper body workout or a leisure activity, it is something to get into this summer.

Simulation kayaking....

Well that worked up quite an appetite. Enter Atlantic Beer Garden. 146 Seaport Blvd.

We were seated outside, not on the deck or near the water, but outside just the same. So, ever since I saw a mirage of iced tea and lemonade last week after a hot steamy run I have been not so secretly craving this cooling summer beverage and ever since Matt turned 27 he has been awaiting his second round of mussels. Lemonadeicetea and beer mussels were both on the menu. Score.

I ordered heaven on bread aka the chicken and pear panini with the herb mayo on the side, When Harry Met Sally style. Matt decided on the grilled veggie panini with eggplant, zucchini and summer squash grilled with fresh herbs topped with light marinara sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese (no picture though folks). I chose regular fries and Matt spiced up his Saturday with curly spicy fries.

Grilled chicken breast topped with slices of grilled pear, swiss cheese and herb mayo

The pear was warm and full of flavor, the bread perfectly seasoned and the chicken tender and savory. After a few hours in the sun, shoulders burning shoulders burning on the patio, it was time to head back to Portsmouth for more Memorial Day weekend shenenigans.

Glory days in a young girls heart.


  1. cross one off the summer checklist! but I wanted to see real kayaking in action on the Charles. I suppose there was no time for camera when you are paddling for life away from the riverbanks.

    PS you are GIVEAWAY WINNER QUEEN. holla.

  2. i was far too nervous to bring my camera with me on the water! i'm glad i didn't because the inside of our kayak and myself got drenched.

    winnah winnah chicken dinnah hahaha