Market square day 10k musings

And it's Monday.

How was your weekend??

First and foremost the Lollapalooza schedule is out! At first glance Saturday (day) seems like a bust so I am diving head first into the unknown, hopefully coming up for air with some sweet new music. TBA is playing at 2:45, now do we think this is a creative name for a band or they really have not filled this spot yet? Just kidding. Kind of.

Second, as I am writing this my landlord is working on the sewer pipe...I guess it broke over the weekend. ew. My bedroom, which is in the "basement" smells like sewer. I pray he fixes this soon. In the mean time any water usage is permitted.

Market Square Day 2010 10k reflection time.

It.was.awesome! Well as awesome as six point two miles can be. It is true what "they" say, the first three miles are the hardest. So in the case of a 5k, doom and gloom. Anything over, good times. In all seriousness, running through the familiar streets of Portsmouth, NH alongside 2,000 other people, with Queen, "We are the Champions," the Rocky theme and other inspirational songs blasting from neighborhoods was, well, inspiring. Motivating. Uplifting. Absolutely and positively energizing!

This past race marked the 33rd anniversary of running, eating, singing, playing, and downtown Portsmouth purchasing power in Market Square. Little background: taken from here.

Created to celebrate the renovation and beautification of Downtown Portsmouth - and, in particular, Market Square - the Festival has grown in size along with the growth and popularity of Portsmouth. It is estimated that between 60,000 - 80,000 people walk through Downtown Portsmouth on that one day enjoying the entertainment, products and food offered by artists, cratfters and merchants - many from the Seacoast area.

On average, 100+ vendor applications are approved/accepted for inclusion in the festival. Three performance stages feature local and regional musicians. The day 'kicks off' with the Market Square Day 10K Road Race. Most of Downtown Portsmouth is vehicle-free and pedestrian-friendly from 9am 'til 4pm on the second Saturday in June each year.

Since it was raining, I did not stick around to roam the streets, eat the grub or purchase handmade jewels, art and crafts after the race. But I have taken part in these miraculous festivities before. Before the race, The Meat House was grilling up steak, the vendors were setting up their unique jewels and the fresh lemonade was being squeezed. I was so close to taking off my race bib and slipping underneath The Meat House's grill to hide and bask in the smoky glory. But I didn't.

I guesssssss I am glad I didn't though. Because the hospitality during and immediately following the 10k was truly appreciated and very much needed. Probably better than what I would have received sneaking around the Meat House tent circa 9am. MSD volunteers set up water booths along the course and many residents set up hoses and water stations too! Thank you to all who volunteered and those that put aside their water and electric bill concerns for us to run through the sprinklers and sprint to Rocky for seconds of pure cool glory. Boxes and boxes of watermelon, oranges, bananas, powerade, water and samples of wheaties fuel were situated under a tent right at the finish line for all the hungry, dehydrated and sugar starved runners. I could not move my tired legs and sore bum fast enough to electrolyte haven.

All in all I can see why Market Square Day's 10k is the most popular road race of the Seacoast. The community's support, cheers, hospitality and enthusiasm carried so many through six miles. Congrats to all the runners and race walkers who finished the 2010 10k and thank you, thank you, again and again to all who helped out on Saturday! Your presence was appreciated!


  1. I agree with the "first three miles is the hardest" statement. Totally. I feel like I don't get my stride well into the second mile... any by that time, the 5k is almost over!

  2. 10k easier than a 5k?! who knew. I am so glad you and the seacoast rocked this race. bummer that the rain spoiled the rest of Market Day fun. I recall last year we dove face first into falafels and i bought Adam a journal with a monkey on it from the Water Monkey. Such a glorious day to celebrate Portsmouth and all her glory.