Party in my mouth

Ahhh Wednesday, hump day, two more alarm clocks, mid-week, however you reference the day, it's not Monday and it might just be my favorite day of the work week! Usually Wednesday's include wine and cooking, sweatpants and the couch. But not today. Instead, I rocked the burpees and kettlebells apres work. Gotta implement, uhhhmm practice, the new skills gained this past weekend. Instead of a breather day I boogied.

Then came the pampering...

Revlon Plum Seduction. Purple pink playful and sassy. Please don't stare too long, not a professional pedicurist.

Is reading while cheffing normal? Well it has to be when reading a page turner. I seriously cannot put down Dennis Lehane's spooky tale of Shutter Island. This novel lives in my purse, when it isn't in my hands of course. True statement: I have not left home without it since the library lent it to me. Dull moment at work, it's okay, book to the rescue! No, no, I am just joshing you...I would never...

Now, dinner. I get excited about the little things in life. Hence, this blog was born. So you can only imagine my enthusiasm when I walked in the front door, felt the avocado resting up for its performance and realized, it was ripe. Time to shine!

Not too long ago I introduced miss avocado, miss mango and mr. balsamic chicken. The three played nicely, complimenting one another, the ladies adorably flirting with mr. chicken. I was nervous for jealous emotions to surface or worse, the creation of a tyrant, but to my pure satisfaction these three balanced each other out. The wine to the cheese to the mac. Tonight, I decided to test the waters again, inviting miss strawberry to dinner. Oh.my.gosh. Party in my mouth! The sweetness of the strawberries and mangoes lit up the creamy avocado. The versatile balsamic chicken adjusted perfectly to its candy like toppings, not giving up an ounce of personality. This is a beautiful relationship, one I will cherish.

There were other invitees this evening. You cannot throw a party and forget to call your favorites! Classy roasted sweet potato, fresh roasted green beans and roasted's friend of a friend, roasted chickpeas. I will definitely hang with the roasted chickpeas again, but I will be honest, they were kind of wall flowers tonight. Maybe better suited for a one on one session. I bet they were intimidated by miss strawberry, miss mango and miss avocado. Aw poor roasted chickpeas.

Oh gosh, I have to interrupt this regular scheduled programing to bring you this: Nigel Lythgoe was just issued a speeding ticket traveling through Iowa trying to make up lost time to tell Kent Boyd whether he makes So You Think You Can Dance Season 7. Hilarity defined. PS. Kent Boyd BETTER make the top 10.

And that is what I am doing for the rest of the night...so you think you can dance, dance, dance...

What is your favorite summer tv show? I know it is slim pickings but there must be some guilty pleasure...


  1. I've never had avocado with mango but the combo sounds powerful! I think I may try that some time. I hate all the summer tv shows that come on; I'd rather the regulars just continue!

  2. This meal looks phenom! love the toenail polish color. Also, the summer TV show lineup ain't have bad!! with SYTYCD leading the pack we've got - TOP CHEF and The Next Food Network Star (TNFNS is nothing compared to TC, but I watch and make fun.)

  3. Hey girl - I love SYTYCD and Big Brother in the summer, such fun :)
    Thanks for your comments the other day on my job situation...I still can't figure it out...to go somewhere for more social stimulation, but less pay and possibly crappy job...or go somewhere with NO social stimulation, but WAY MORE pay, and possibly crappy job...:(

  4. I have been on a veggie roasting kick lately! Never thought of doing green beans... :)

  5. I saw the movie (Shutter Island) and loved it, so I'm sure the book is even more intriguing!