Ain't that America

The fourth of July, a day for celebrating America's independence with the beach, bbq's, friends, family, fireworks, Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp has always been a favorite holiday of mine. This year lacked only John Mellencamp's "4th of July song" aka Pink Houses.

Ain't that America somethin to see baby, ain't that America home of the free, little pink houses for you and me (Until right now I didn't know the lyrics and title for that matter included anything about pink houses).

Rewind and review the long weekend of celebrating independence in pictures:

North End to see Laura, Erin, Tricia, and Kristen

Lake Chauncy beach and the backyard pool

lawn game olympics ft. bocci, ladder ball, corn hole, washer toss and polish horseshoes (which shhh we never got to and you will know why in a few)

the nalgene in the middle holds a mix of all the (fuel) liquors pictured

more fuel


who won the first game again?

stair jumps with graceful landings

the bombs (two alex made fireworks) bursting in air

God. Bless. America


  1. looks like a happy 4th celebration!

  2. You can add kahlua to any situation and make a good night become fabulous! I'm 100% convinced... lol

  3. These pictures are amazing. I am so glad you recapped.

    I like Matt's hat.