The good, the bad and the ugly

The good: Weathervane Seafood Restaurant located in Kittery, ME

With deck dining over looking the Pisquataqua River and downtown Portsmouth, anchor tablecloth, seamonsters aka lobstah tank, friendly waitstaff and 3$ Sam Summer's on tap, the Weathervane is a solid win.

The bad and the ugly: Palermo's Primo Thin Fajita Pizza
"A crispy ultra thin crust topped with mozzarella and montery jack cheese, grilled white meat chicken tossed in a blend of southwest spices, fire roasted green bell peppers and red onions and garnished with a cool sauce"

Matt left this "tradition of perfection" in my fridge on Sunday and after two sam summers Wednesday evening I was ready for perfection. At first read this doesn't sound all that bad. But then things got ugly. (U-G-L-Y you ain't got not alibi you ugly, yeah yeah you ugly). An opened package revealed cubed chicken. Ruh-roh. Cubed meat of any kind is not okay.

I blame myself. I should have realized then that a pizza with cubed chicken would fail. But hunger was calling. I wasn't expecting "perfect" as the box so highly claims, but I was envisioning biting into this pizza and not having to pull out a hard, gross chicken bone. Yes, you read that correctly.

asdlfjaklsdfjklsadf. I regret that it took me a piece and a half to find this hideous hidden pirate treasure.

I still don't feel right.

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  1. Aack chicken bone - gross! haha I'm never buying that brand. Thanks for warning people like me ;)