Sugar Doll blogger award

The other day Allison at Living One Day hit me with the Sugar Doll Blogger Award! We'll say it's the girly gift of gab: share 1o random fun facts about yourself and pass it along to a blogger you admire and enjoy reading! Allison's facts left me in stitches, feeling inspired and remarking out loud "ooo me too!" And let's face it, what's not to love about random facts? Here it goes!

1. My nose is crooked. Nothing you can see when you look straight at me. But a simple glance up to the sky reveals a crooked nose.

2. I need to eat breakfast food for breakfast, lunch food for lunch and dinner food for dinner. This has been broken a few times; eggs for dinner, brunch meals but I'm pretty strict about this one. In college, waking up after "normal" breakfast hour meant nothing to me. Going out to breakfast means getting eggs, bacon, pancakes, waffles....not lunch. As my friends were getting into hamburgers or chicken nuggets to cure their hangovers, I prayed restaurants and the dining hall were still serving breakfast. Even after 12. Worst case scenario I would need to snack on a granola bar (breakfast) and then I could have my chicken sandwich with fries (lunch). If I forgo breakfast in the am to run, you better believe I am still getting into oatmeal or eggs when all is done, not a ham and cheese sandwich. Ham and cheese = lunch. Unless of course there's a fried egg in between those two pieces of bread.

3. I have a super human ability to control my intake of sweets. Valentine's Day Reese's were legit just finished off. Easter candy is still in my possession. I bake and need to share, otherwise it will go to waste. Ice cream in the freezer is over a month old and still half full. Don't ask, I am confused too. Don't get me wrong, I love my sweets, I just like to save them for a time when I can really savor every bite. I am not complaining, but let's be real, it's weird. My mom tells me I have been this way for years. As a little girl, I used to try and save my ice pops, putting them back in my lunch box for later. You can imagine my devastation when I would find a sticky, messy lunch box hours later where my ice pop used to be.

4. First time travelling via airplane occurred as a senior in high school. I went on a trip with my friend Erin and her family to Cancun! Since 2002, I have flown to Cali once, Chicago 3 times and St. Thomas once last May. I guess I'm not a flyer! Shhh, I might not so secretly fear flying.

5. Ironically, jumping out of an airplane is on my bucket list. My legs get wobbly at the thought of heights, I stress about traveling and flying, and have flown a total of 6 times in 27 years and yet, I want to jump out of an airplane with a parachute on my back, screaming bloody murder, giggling, crying, potentially peeing my pants and feeling the absolute rush of adrenaline one can only get from falling. Riddle me that.

6. I am 5'11". I used to be super duper self-conscious about my height. I mean, being 5'10 and weighing in around 100 lbs in 8th grade was no picnic. Who wants to be taller than every boy and stick out like a sore thumb at a time when being normal is so pressing? So, it is no wonder I developed a complex about all those extra inches. It has taken time and tears, but lacking confidence is now just a part of my past. I have grown (literally, I keep growing) to take pride in my long legs, statuesque body and quirky awkward movements. "I am 5'11" There is little I find more pathetic than a man who is intimidated by my height. (and little I find sexier than a man who embraces it)"

7. When I was younger I wanted to be Yolanda Vega, New York Lottery Announcer. Miss Vega would come on right before prime time television and announce the tri-state area's winning lottery numbers. I would have my mom mute the tv and proudly announce the winning numbers myself (replicating in Yolanda's voice). "The first ball up is 4 and the next is 9 and the next is 1 and the last is 2 making tonight's win four number 4,9,1,2. Thank you and IIIIII'm Yo-laaaaanda Veeeeegaaa!"
8. If possible, I scope out a restaurant's menu before going...days before. It takes me an obnoxiously long time to decide what to order for my meal and any "research" I can do before hand greatly enhances my excitement, improves the quality of the experience for my fellow diners and gives me that much more time to prepare. Specials get me sometimes...those intriguing specials that jump in and foil the planned entree. Really it just boils down to the fact that I love food, love to eat and want the whole experience of dining out to shine. Or maybe I just like feeling in control? ha.

9. Hand and palm scratches sedate me everytime.

10. I heart goodie bags. I am not stuck in the 90's either, think about it. What is a goodie bag? A compilation of really random awesome stuff. Secrets, surprises and silliness burrowed at the bottom of a bag just waiting to be discovered! The joy that comes from peeking inside and pulling surprise after surprise out from the depths of goodness tops my excitement level chart. Swag bags from races, gift bags from parties, Christmas day stockings! Need I say more?

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  1. I admire your sweets control.

    And own that height, girl! I came from a family of giants (seriously, the girls average 5'10 or 5'11. I topped out at 5'8 and have to say I'm a little jealous of you kids with your legs for miles... :p

  2. Okay #2- I'm the same way!!!!! Love me some breakfast. I hate the after 11 rule at some places!
    #3- I am also the same way! I love chocolate but it takes me forever to finish my Easter and Christmas candy!
    I'm also scared to fly- don't enjoy it at all!!!!!

  3. "I'm not stuck in the 90s about it either" - lol! This cracked me up, great list! XO!

  4. how did I miss this post?! such a fun idea. thanks for tagging me. I'm composing my list....

  5. my nose is crooked too and you can only tell if i'm looking up!

    i'm the same way about restaurants. if i don't prepare ahead of time (i.e. look up the menu online and sometimes even print it out so i can ACTUALLY cross out what i probably don't want)...then i am a wreck and i will take forever to decide. it's like a panic with too many options. i'm not even kidding, if i can write on the menu at a place, i will, just so i can narrow my choices.

    I LOVE GOODIE BAGS!! maybe one day we can make goodie blogger bags for each other. i love getting random stuff in the mail!