The past few weekends I have shared my apartment with some of my favorite people. My mom and sister from NJ, Elizabeth from Portland, ME, Matt and his parents from MA., Tricia, Kristen and Ashley from Salem, MA, Boston, MA and Ipswich, MA and Matt's brother Ryan, and his girlfriend Tessa from Boston. Wow!

All were welcomed with open arms because I like to give big hugs.

Meals were savored ...

...whales were watched...

...glasses were raised and toasts were made.

Surrounded by seashells...

...adorable pups...

...and friends...

...sometimes I wish these indulgent weekends of visitors would never end.

PS. A lot of these pictures (sunflower, whale watch tour, little pup) were taken by my mom, beautiful right!?


  1. Aww, looks like an awesome time. This was so nice to read and look at. Beautiful pictures! Especially the one of the sunflowers, Wow! Great job, Your Mom from N.J. =)

  2. I love out-of-towners coming in to visit! Looks like you've had a great time... makes me more excited for my second round of chicas to come in tomorrow! :)

  3. so much fun! I love indulgent weekends with friends!

  4. i LOVE the little puppy w/ the shoes pic. i want those shoes!! adorable.