Wine Wednesday

I worked past 5 this evening and had all intentions of hitting the gym after a few errands around town but I made the mistake of going home first. So, this happened...

which quickly turned into this... No regrets. The gym will be there tomorrow. Relaxing on the porch with a good book and a glass of red wine, feeling the warm summer breeze does not occur often. Nor can it living with a sunless screened in porch in NH.

Soon after this supreme contentment was achieved a particular pair of aces mastered the grill.

Cheers Chef de Cuisine Colby and Amanda!

A plethora of grilled veggies (yellow squash, zucchini, onions), grilled chicken, rice pilaf, a soft melt-in-your-mouth loaf of bread tickled our fancies. The salad of cucumber, tomato, red onion and craisins floated our boats.

If tonight was not the epitome of the perfect summer evening, I honestly need some guidance.

Time out. Was that thunder I just heard? Yes. Lightning? Yes. And the text from Matt's mom just came through (she lives for weather.com activity) "some bad storms are heading your way." Ok, now we have the quintessential summer night.

Portsmouth, NH watch out, the Doppler is showing an intense storm abrewing.
Red zone, 10:30pm! Who's excited?


  1. Oh this cracked me up more than once.
    - I lose gym motivation if more than 10 minutes are spent in my apartment after I get home.
    - The wine is always a good idea. Always.
    - My parents apparently think I live in a bubble and never check the weather. I also get the texts constantly. Even more so in the winter...

  2. good times. you gotta make the most of that porch.

  3. Summertime eating and Wine Wednesday's sounds like an awesome day/night!

    I absolutely love "The Help"
    I hope Kathryn Stockett will be writing another book soon.

    Dallas Bryce Howard is going to play "Hilly" in the movie version. Hmm. =)

  4. Sounds like the perfect summer night! I am reading The Help also... I'm really liking it but it's been taking me forever to read (my fault, not the book's). My goal is to finish it by the beginning of August!

  5. There is going to be a movie version of The Help!? How did I not know this!? Ree, you made my day!

  6. Grilled veggies are the best! Drinking a glass of wine and reading a book on the porch looks heavenly.

  7. Awww that does look perfect! I read The Help earlier this year and loved it. I can't wait for the movie! Dinner looks delightful :)


  8. Ohhh I've heard such good things about The Help!! Glad to hear you enjoyed it... a book and some wine are definitely two components on my perfect summer evening!