Look who is en route from New Jersey for a long weekend of girl time!

My mom and sister Lindsay!! I'm giddddddddddy with excitement. PS. How do I not have a picture of the two of you together from the past year!? Guess we need to remedy that this weekend

On the agenda:
-The Oar House deck in Portsmouth
-Rye beach!
-Portsmouth farmer's market
-Shopping here, shopping there, shopping everywhere!
-more beach time

PPS: 6 more days until Bastille Day (aka my 27th birthday gaaah)


  1. Sounds like you have a lot of fun stuff planned! Have fun with your ma and sis!

  2. good genes in that family. what a great agenda you have planned!

  3. Looks like SO much fun! What are you doing for your b-day? Petit Robert Bistro had fun live music last year on Bastille Day.

  4. The next place I live will have to have an Outlet, as it's currently the only place I shop. Enjoy your family.